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  1. 0 - 18V / 0 - 1A Adjustable Regulated Power Supply, Assembled
  2. Green High Intensity LEDs 50 Pack
  3. Robotic Voice Imitator with Audio Amplifier, Assembled
  4. Velleman BITC10N2 Spare Bit Tip .8mm
  5. EL Illumination Wire Set, Green
  6. 10W Stereo Audio Amplifier (Assembled Module)
  7. 916 MHz Receiver-Decoder Module, Assembled
  8. Rotating Hearts Valentine LED Display, Assembled
  9. 10W 4-Sound Siren, Assembled

    10W 4-Sound Siren, Assembled

  10. Universal 1-Hour Start/Stop Timer with Second/Minute Mode, Assembled
  11. USB Vehicle Charger Cigarette Lighter Plug 5V 1A
  12. 4-Sound Mini Siren Kit

    4-Sound Mini Siren Kit